Artifacts and Reflections

GPM Assignment

Week Schedule

Semester Schedule


What did you learn about yourself as you worked on this piece?

I have learned a lot about my life by doing this assignment. Just being able to visualize my schedule on the calendar has made more organized and task-driven to get things accomplished.  If I continue to do this I will reach my preferred future in no time.

One thing I would like to improve upon is … is to rank my tasks based on the priority that way ill be able to get the most important thing done first and least important afterward.

What’s one goal you would like to set for yourself for next time?

The next goal I want to set for myself is to get a better understand of the bank loans and lines of credit. This is because for my preferred future I want to run my own business and the most important thing to start a business is money.


About me:

I am a 4th year Accounting student in the last semester of my undergraduate program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I was born and raised in Surrey, BC.  Some of my interest are travelling, trying new foods and being adventurous.

Value and Goals:

My goal is to graduate with an accounting degree and become a CPA. my current path is on track for me to become a CPA as my degree is required for the program. For me to achieve this goal I will graduate KPU in June and spend the next 6 months in the accounting field and then start core 1 for my CPA program I Jan 2020. my current strengths are that I am focused and decided on my program because I am passionate about accounting. My weakness is that I can get carried away with other things that aren’t on the agenda for me to do by doing more pleasurable things. My motivation for learning is that after all the hard work I put in I will be financially rewarded for my efforts and that will make my life easier.


Communication, Information and digital literacy


I have gained a better understanding of the accounting principle that I have learnt throughout the years at KPU. These skills will help me run my business more efficiently then I have done so in the past. Applying the knowledge I have gained throughout my studies will help me be a better businessman and accountant.

Artifacts and Reflections